Adobe Agreement

See below for information on the agreements ICUT maintains with Adobe.

Contact Lois Hollis, ICUT's Director of Member Services, with any questions. 


ICUT has had a "2 CLP" agreement with Adobe since 2002, providing a flexible licensing program that enables ICUT members to purchase Adobe products and receive the discounts and benefits of a large-volume purchase without having to make large upfront expenditures. All ICUT institutions are eligible to purchase from this agreement. 

With Adobe's Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP), ICUT members can cut costs and simplify software administration on volume software licenses over a two-year period. First, the ICUT Adobe CLP Agreement qualifies for Level 3 pricing (Adobe Best) providing participating institutions with consistent savings, regardless of the order size. Second, Adobe provides all CLP members an easy-to-use, password protected web-based Licensing Web Site (LWS) to simplify licensing administration and record-keeping. This portal enables authorized staff to run reports, track order history, access serial numbers, and download available software from one central location, making it easy to deploy Adobe software to multiple users in various departments and locations across campus.

To participate, ICUT members must complete a simple on-line enrollment form and place an order within 30 days. This purchase can include a mix of software and/or upgrade protection.

The Adobe Student and Teacher Licensing Program enables ICUT institutions with a CLP membership to provide their students, faculty, and staff significant discounts on Adobe software. Each institution must sign a Schedule D Student and Teacher Licensing Enrollment Form. Distribution of the software products is at the discretion of each institution which may choose to manage the process itself or work with an Adobe Authorized Reseller to host a website.


With Adobe's Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA), ICUT members can offer Creative Cloud Complete on institution-owned devices throughout their campus through a per FTE model. This three-year agreement simplifies deployment, maintenance, and administration. With access to an Adobe Team, ICUT members receive personalized service and ongoing assistance as needed.

ICUT established an ETLA with Adobe in 2012, becoming the first independent state association to offer this to its members. All ICUT institutions are eligible to purchase from this agreement.


ICUT utilizes ScholarBuys as its Adobe Authorized Reseller. The agreement with this firm has been in place since 2008 when its submitted proposal was selected as the best based on their customer service, pricing, and references. It has been renewed based on consistent member praise to take advantage of the ICUT volume pricing with Adobe. You may contact the reseller directly: