Mission & Vision

Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, Inc. (ICUT), a nonprofit association, is the voice for Texas' fully accredited private colleges and universities.  For over 50 years, it has fulfilled its mission of helping policymakers recognize the importance and value of the independent sector of higher education by successfully articulating the sector's needs and aspirations. 

Our Mission

ICUT supports Texas independent nonprofit colleges and universities by strengthening member institutions through advocacy, policy research and collaboration.

Specifically, our programs help our member institutions:

  • advance educational opportunities for students,
  • address financial needs of families,
  • promote economic opportunities for communities,
  • foster relationships with businesses, and
  • inform and advise policymakers.

Our Vision

ICUT will continue to be an integral, vibrant and sustainable component of the higher education landscape in Texas and will champion the diverse traditions, approaches and populations of our member institutions.  The higher education system in Texas is made stronger by including Texas independent, regionally-accredited, nonprofit colleges and universities.

Guiding Principles

  • ICUT will protect the opportunity for students to choose the institution that best fits their goals, interests and capabilities.
  • ICUT will advocate to make college more affordable by increasing access to sufficient student financial aid and providing cost-containment opportunities.
  • ICUT will be a valued resource for its members, policymakers, community leaders and business stakeholders to help advance the statewide goals of making college more accessible, affordable and effective for all Texans.

Core Values

  • serves as a valued and trusted resource for its members and lawmakers,
  • respects the cultural, demographic and geographic diversities of members ,
  • recognizes the rich history of independent education in Texas.


ICUT has a full-time president and professional staff, headquartered in Austin. ICUT is governed by a Board of Directors composed of presidents and chancellors from its 38 member institutions.  It is supported by membership dues, interest income and contract royalties.