Legislative Agenda

ICUT is the public policy advocate of the independent sector of higher education in Texas. As such, it works with state legislators to develop and enact legislation benefiting its constituents, the independent institutions of higher education, and their beneficiaries: Texas students. 

In general, ICUT promotes increased funding for student financial aid programs, legislation that preserves the tax-exempt status of charities, and other proposals that improve the quality of, or access to, higher education in Texas. Specifically, ICUT supports the Texas Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG) Program and advocates a level of funding for it that will meet at least 70% of student need.

The Texas Legislature meets biennially for 140 days, beginning in January of every odd-numbered year. As a trade association, ICUT has a legislative agenda for each regular session that addresses its general goals and ideals, in addition to issues unique to each session. The next legislature, the 86th, convenes in January 2019.

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